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'from earth to air'



A temazcal/ temaszcalli or sweat lodge as it is also known, is an ancient pre-hispanic ritualistic tradition, that cleanses and purifies body, mind and spirit. In a darkened space, blessed stones local to the land are brought into the centre of the temescal. Prayer, offering and story from a shaman move us through spiritual gates as the ceremony unfolds. The experience of a temescal can be intense, it is an opportunity for personal realisation and clarity. A shedding of mental and physical blocks. Whilst music, mantra and chanting bring the group together in this space, the heat and the darkness make for an incredibly personal experience. 



Cacao,  the food of the Gods and of the heart was historically made into a sacred drink that would see one connect with the divine. This powerful antioxidant is still used in traditional ceremonies today. Not only is it seen as a superfood, but a medicine for the heart. When combined with music, song and meditation, cacao has the power to release stagnant energy and bring us into the vibration of love. 



During our time together you will have plenty of opportunities to explore nearby Puebla magicas (magic town) and ancient pyramids that are of great significance to the Mayan cultures and the Yucatan. Larger temples that were of great significance to the rulers of this land pre-dating Spanish invasion are just a couple of hours away from where we are staying. These include Chichen Itza, Ek Balam and Xcambo to name a few. 



Although we are staying inland, we are never too far away from a cenote. And while we have the opportunity to visit one of these natural water chambers, you might wish to explore more of these refreshing water holes. The beach isn't too far away from us if you crave sea air as well as the famous pink waters, Las Coloradas, to the North. (Please do note that whilst the photos may look great on Instagram these are not bathing waters!) 

The Yucatan as a whole is an incredible party of Mexico, full of culture and character and we highly recommend you extend your stay pre or post-retreat if possible to take in some of the surrounding areas. 

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